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Detour Simple

Clean Ingredients. Better Nutrition.

Eating well is the secret to better health. But it’s not always easy. That’s why we created Detour Simple.
  • · Non-GMO
  • · Nothing Artificial
  • · Gluten Free
  • · Whey Protein
Detour Simple™ BarsDetour Simple™
Whey Protein Bars
Detour SMART® BarsDetour SMART®
Whey Protein Bars
Detour Lower Sugar BarsLower Sugar
Whey Protein Bars
Detour Simple™ Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almond box

Detour Simple®

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almond
Detour Simple Chocolate Chip Caramel

Detour Simple®

Chocolate Chip Caramel
$10.99 / $24.99
Detour Simple Caramel Peanut

Detour Simple®

Caramel Peanut
$10.99 / $24.99