Shipping Information

We’ve got you covered!

Detour picks the best solution for you, and they are all environmentally responsible.

bars possible we custom ship your orders with the right materials for your location, with no added cost to you regardless of the method used. We aim to minimize our environmental impact and make the planet a safer and nicer place for you, your children, and future generations. Hot or cold, rain or shine, we’re 100% committed to making sure your bars arrive in the best condition possible.


All of our materials are eco-friendly. We are proud to be doing our small part. Please help by doing your part also. Recycle and use “Earth Friendly” products. See more details on how to recycle here.


  1. The first layer of protection as the weather heats up is reusable non-toxic liquid ice packs.
  2. If required, we will also use our incredible foam-free insulating pack liners. Comparable to a Styrofoam cooler, the difference is our liners are made from sustainable, cotton enhanced fibers that are recycled and diverted from landfills. So not only are they environmentally responsible, they’re also insanely great at keep your order cool.

Two Easy Shipping Options

$7.99 Flat Rate Shipping

All orders will now ship for a flat rate of $7.99. Simple as that.

Free Shipping on all orders over $74

To qualify for free shipping, your order subtotal; minus any discounts or coupon codes, must be above $74.

Shipping Timelines

Cool Weather Shipping

Under our standard shipping procedure or Cool Weather Shipping, orders will usually ship within 1 business day of placing your order and arrive within 3 business days. These orders do not include additional cold shipping materials.

Hot Weather Shipping

As temperatures get warmer, orders will be packed with our special eco-friendly cold shipping materials to prevent melting. To avoid uninterrupted transit, orders will ONLY ship Monday through Wednesday.