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What is clean eating?

Selection of foods for a clean diet

Eating clean is the process of consuming foods that have a balanced nutritional profile and are made from all-natural ingredients. That means paying closer attention to the ingredients in your food, and embracing vegetables, fruits and whole grains, plus healthy proteins and fats.


Good wholesome ingredients are the foundation of clean eating. They are the source of essential nutrients your body needs to be its best. Clean eaters avoid artificial and genetically modified ingredients and look for foods rich in whole grains, fruits, nuts and high quality proteins like whey.

Conforms with food standards restricting genetically modified ingredients.

Includes no synthetic ingredients which commonly include flavors, colors and preservatives.

Certified to meet the FDA standard limiting gluten content.

Nutrition Matters

Your body needs a variety of nutrients and eating a balanced diet is the cornerstone of a clean eating, healthy lifestyle. Even some clean ingredients, like sugar, are best consumed in moderation because they can have a negative effect when consumed in excess. Focus on getting balanced nutrition by eating a selection of protein, fats & carbs each day.

A significant source of protein, ideally 10 grams or more per serving.

Limited amount of sugar, ideally less than 10 grams per serving.

Satisfying your body’s nutrition needs efficiently without needless calories.

Contains 10% of the daily value of fiber your body needs.

6 Tips for Everyday Clean Eating

Eating clean can be tough, so we created a guide that helps you apply it to your everyday life.  Follow these 6 tips to eat clean.

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