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The Story of Whey

From its discovery almost 7500 years ago, to its use in medicine to the Detour Bar, we’ve got all the goods on how Whey went from a dairy byproduct to one of the world’s first and still most powerful superfoods.


5500 BC


Around 5,500 BC in Kujawy, Poland farmers noticed a liquid that separated itself from curds when preserving goats’ milk.


460 BC

Founding Father of Medicine

Hippocrates, the Father of Modern Medicine (the Hippocratic Oath is named after him) around 460 BC starts prescribing whey to his patients. “Serum” as he called it was given to patients as an immune-system booster.


130 AD

Roman Empire

The great physician of Rome, Galen picks up where Hippocrates left off and around 130 AD begins to explore some of the greater medicinal values of whey.



Europeans Flock to Liquid Whey

Italians popularize a method for separating liquid whey from dairy. Availability of liquid whey leads to the rediscovery of its classic benefits and stories of miraculous cures spread.



Athletes & the Power of Whey

In the first half of the 20th century powdered whey protein takes hold. Primitive processing techniques lead to inconsistent quality and poor taste, but by the 1940s bodybuilders and other athletes are refining training programs centered around whey protein.



Modern Whey

Advanced techniques create the best, most effective whey protein ever. Detour’s founders revolutionize nutrition by putting all of the health benefits of whey into a convenient, on-the-go solution with delicious candy bar taste.

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