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Our Mission

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Our Detour

We believe in eating well and we want to love every bite too! Healthy nutrition can taste great and our name, Detour, describes our mission to create new, delicious healthy food choices for you. Break away from the crowd and join us to find a better path to healthy eating.

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Our Commitment

You, our customers, are at the center of everything we do! We are inspired by your passion and we aspire to help you achieve your best. Our vision and values are rooted in our commitment to creating great tasting foods that aid your healthy lifestyle.

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Our Products

All of our bars begin with whey protein, the highest-quality protein available. This amazing ingredient contains all the essential amino acids for muscle recovery and repair along with a long list of other health benefits. And, then we focus on making the most delicious bars possible. The results are award-worthy!

Our Original, Lower Sugar, Lean Muscle, Smart & Simple bars provide you a full range of outstanding choices that combine healthy good for you nutrition and delicious, satisfying flavors. Learn more about all of our great flavors here.

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