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Buy 1, We'll Give 1

Cyber Monday is our biggest sale of the year. We wanted to harness the power of the promotion to make a difference for those in need. This year we are extending the promotion, and for every bar purchased (a box has at least 9!) during our weeklong sale, we will be donating a bar to those in need.

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Detour SMART bars getting ready for distribution to the needy at Feeding America San Diego

Our Partners

Detour bar is giving back. We are working directly with Feeding San Diego (our hometown) and the Houston Food Bank, where they are struggling to maintain an adequate supply of shelf stable foods. After the promotion is over we will take the quantity of bars sold and ship half to Houston and the other to San Diego.

Feeding San Diego
Houston Food Bank

Get Involved In Your Community

We recently volunteered at our local food bank. It reminded us that people are going hungry in our community today and that by giving a few hours, we can all make a difference. It was such a rewarding experience for our group, we encourage you to do the same. Every little bit helps.

Find your local food bank today!

Shop now to make a difference