Team Detour is a community of athletes driven to succeed. From amateurs to the top performing professionals, we support a wide range of athletes that all have one thing in common, they are powered by great tasting protein!

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  1. Arielle Gold

    Arielle Gold

    Pro Snowboarder

  2. Nick Goepper

    Nick Goepper

    Pro Freeskier

  3. Taylor Knox

    Taylor Knox

    Pro Surfer

  4. Stevan Ridley

    Stevan Ridley

    New England Patriots: Running Back

  5. Lamarr Woodley

    Lamarr Woodley

    Oakland Raiders: Linebacker

  6. Eric Decker

    Eric Decker

    New York Jets: Wide Receiver

  7. Ben Tate

    Ben Tate

    Cleveland Browns: Running Back

  8. Adam Jones

    Adam Jones

    Baltimore Orioles: Outfielder

  9. Jon Jay

    Jon Jay

    St. Louis Cardinals: Outfielder

  10. Trey Hardee

    Trey Hardee

    Silver Medalist Decathlete

  11. Megan Rapinoe

    Megan Rapinoe

    Gold Medal Midfielder

  12. Matt Grevers

    Matt Grevers

    2x Gold Medal Swimmer

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